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Cuatro consulting was founded in 2017.  Having worked in top tier consulting firms and organisations since 2002, my expertise and experience was ready to be shared and applied in "doing the right thing" for myself and the people and partners I engage with.

I am proud to live by four key principles; leading through innovation, listening and learning, being brave and resilient, and focusing on delivering the right outcomes.

Since graduating from Cambridge University, I have built a portfolio and reputation of delivering excellent consulting services including digital transformation, programme management, business strategy, organisational change, and people development across public and private sectors including energy, travel, retail, manufacturing, customer services, telecommunications, finance, local government, central government, and health.

Get in touch with me for a down to earth and honest conversation of how I can help you.  Even if I can't personally provide a solution, I'm sure that I can find someone who can.

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